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Professor Andrew Reynolds

the candidate to win Witney

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  • Leading global expert on democracy and elections

  • Professor of Political Science and Public Policy

  • Helped design 1994 South African election system

  • Senior adviser in 30 nations, incl. Afghanistan, Burma, Indonesia, Lebanon, Nepal, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Zimbabwe

  • Londoner with close ties to Oxfordshire

  • Will move to the Witney constituency upon selection

  • Considering a professorship at Oxford University

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  • Joined Liberal Party as a 17 year-old in 1984

  • Vice Chair, NL Young Liberals (1987-1988)

  • Active in election campaigns since 1985

  • Chief strategist Mid Derbyshire 2019

  • Tripled party vote

  • Works closely with LibDems in Westminster

  • Engaged with the local issues of Oxfordshire

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 Liberal through and through 

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Liberal Party conference 1987

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University 1986

Commons Speakers' chambers 2018

Bermondsey 2015 

Mid Derbyshire 2019

when I had hair

My Covenant with Lib Dems Members

  • Will commit to a goal of raising £100,000 a year for the local party

  • Will work tirelessly to support our district, county and local councillors

  • Will bring in new young, energetic and diverse members

  • Will host national and International speakers to raise our local party profile

  • Will establish a local and national media profile connected with Witney

  • Will get to work as your PPC on day one of my adoption

  • Will bring in leading public figures to help with campaign

  • Commit to at least two general election campaigns

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 A standard bearer for the local party 

  • Experienced media performer 

  • Author of twelve books including the best selling,     The Children of Harvey Milk (Oxford University Press)

  • Election System Handbook the most widely used resource in election design around the world

  • TV/movie screenwriter and producer

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 Global advisor on democracy 


  • Understanding democracy begins in our towns and villages

  • Promote Witney and West Oxfordshire as a role-model of caring democratic government to the rest of the country 

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South Sudan 2004

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Guyana 2000

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 5.53.16 PM.png

Libya 2011

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 5.51.04 PM.png

Burma 2010

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Egypt 2011

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Afghanistan 2005

 Foundations for winning Witney 

  • Start early in squeezing the Labour and Green vote as low as it will go

  • Demonstrate local engagement so absent in Robert Courts MP

  • Use new monies to maximise local message and support councillors

  • Combine cutting edge social media with traditional campaigning

  • Energise local branches across constituency

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 Focused Campaign 

 Bread and butter issues with a side of inspiration 

 Bread and Butter 
  • Rising heating costs
  • Rising cost of living
  • Recruit Doctors and Dentists 
  • Green energy solutions
  • Stop surge treatment sewage
 Reasonable housing growth 
  • A sustainable increase 
  • Maximise 
  • Focus on knock-on effects:
  • School capacity
  • Road congestion
  • Social housing provisions
  • Hospital and social care capacity

Center West Oxfordshire at the heart of British progress

Demonstrate what robust local democracy can look like:

- maximise participation

- develop spaces for all 

- include the voiceless

- build vibrant community support

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 It is the best time to take on the Tories 


Beholden to Boris
until it was too late

Beholden to Truss
until it was too late

Betrayed our Trust
with their lying and incompetence 

           ****Time for a Change!****
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 Coming home 

"I have seen the world and now my heart tells me it is time to come home. To be of service to my community, county and country. As your Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate I will work hard everyday for everyone in Witney, and the villages of West Oxfordshire, and bring the skills to enable us to win Witney at the next election."

Andy Reynolds

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